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Molly McIsaac’s Cosplay Survival Guide: Part Uno

Thinking of making your costly debut at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend? Molly McIsaac is here to make sure no one tells you “You’re Doing it Wrong”.

The Labyrinth of Jareth

It’s the Labyrinth of Jareth, an elaborate masquerade ball which annually takes place over one weekend in late June or early July.

Anime Expo 2012

We’re back and we have a ton of photos from AX 2012 to post for you….yes…an actual TON…I weighed them. Stayed tuned here and our social media feeds to see all the great cosplayers who came out for this event.    

Part of Ariel’s World: How to Be The Little Mermaid

Creating a fabulous Ariel cosplay presents a great number of challenges, but a successful Little Mermaid cosplay can be achieved in many different ways.

WonderCon Gallery – Updated

We have so many great photos to post from last weekends WonderCon. Check back tonight for even more! Are you featured in our gallery? Let us know at media@officialcosplay.com

WonderCon Gallery Preview

WonderCon has come to Anaheim, California this weekend and so far it has been a blast. So many Coplayers have come out for the event!